Ubiquiti Powerbeam PBE-M2-400, 18dBi, 560MHz, 64MB, 28dBm, 1xEthernet, 150+ Mbps, 20+ km

69.27 +Φ.Π.Α.

NBE-M2-400 – Changed to PBE-M2-400 now part of the PowerBeam Range

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The new NanoBeam PowerBeam M2-400 has a compact, all-in-one design with uniform beam width, efficient footprint and a faster processor. The NanoBeam PowerBeam can be easily mounted in a variety of ways thanks to the innovative mechanical design. Ubiquiti NanoBeam M2 18dBi NBE-M2-400 PBE-M2-400 provides breakthrough MIMO antenna cost/performance. Higher Antenna Gain and even more cost-effective. Providing increased performance from its faster processor and innovative mechanical design at a low cost, the Ubiquiti NanoBeam is extremely versatile and cost‑effective to deploy.

Ubiquiti Nanobeam PowerBeam NBE-M2-400 Compact and Robust Product Design

Very small visible footprint. Mechanical design provides complete weatherproof performance. Ubiquiti NanoBeam PowerBeam M2 18dBi NBE-M2-400 PBE-M2-400 has activity and signal strength LED’s provided for installers. Enhanced RF and Ethernet ESD/Surge protection enables prolonged operation in harshest environments.  Dish Reflector Design: Ubiquiti’s InnerFeed™ technology integrates the radio into the feedhorn of an antenna, so there is no need for a cable. This improves performance because it eliminates cable losses.

Breakthrough Wireless Performance, Ubiquiti AirMax and Ubiquiti AirControl Support

150+Mbps of real outdoor throughput and up to 20km+ range.  Ubiquiti PowerBeam NanoBeam M products utilize Ubiquiti’s revolutionary AirMax

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